Restitution Press | COMA Alternative Space May 2009


THE RESTITUTION PRESS is a Los Angeles based hand-screenprinted newspaper. Incorporating photography, illustration and a variety of materials & techniques, The Restitution Press zines are creative time capsules documenting our ever-changing City of Angels.

b4 (Junk Photo)

b6 (Junk Photo)

Fifteen limited volumes have been produced since 2005, and editions 1-10 are sold out forever. The next four-part mega issue will be available in September 2009. The Restitution “bandit” image is ubiquitous amongst Los Angeles street art culture, and continues to spread globally. On Thursday evening, for one night only, large format paintings and prints were for sale. Keep your eyes and ears open for the next round!

b5 (Junk Photo)

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