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[“There is no better way to govern Iran than democracy and social justice!” – Mohammad Mossadegh]

The indispensible Stephen Kinzer–one of the best sources anywhere on Iran–has discovered pictures of Muhammad Mossadegh starting to pop up among the crowds in post election Iran.

Carrying a picture of Mossadegh today means two things: “We want democracy” and “No foreign intervention”. These demands fit together in the minds of most Iranians. Desperate as they are for the political freedom their parents and grandparents enjoyed in the early 1950s, they have no illusion that foreigners can bring it to them. In fact, foreign intervention has brought them nothing but misery.

America’s moral authority in Iran is all but non-existent. To the idea that the US should jump into the Tehran fray and help bring democracy to Iran, many Iranians would roll their eyes and say: “We had a democracy here until you came in and crushed it!” President Barack Obama seems to grasp this reality. via: niacINsight

A nice documentary on Mossadegh’s home in Ahmadabad outside Tehran.

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