First Americans | ABCNT CHIEF


“Since the beginnings of the technological juggernaut, the only consistent opposition has come from land-based native peoples. Rooted in an alternative view of the planet, Indians, islanders, and peoples of the North remain our most clear-minded critics. They are also our most direct victims. That technological society should ignore and suppress native voices is understandable, since to heed them would suggest we must fundamentally change our way of life. Instead, we say they must change. They decline to do so.”
Jerry Mander

One Comment to “First Americans | ABCNT CHIEF”

  1. Not sure if the book was inspiration, but either way, great design ABCNT. I am a huge fan of Jerry Mander’s work. I believe him to be one of the pioneers of tackling the issue of the idiot box and it’s harmful effects. His work is becoming even more relevant as time passes.

    I am also a fan of your work. I was first introduced to it through the DG website. Of all the brands on the site, I find your art to have the most provocative social commentary. I admire the fact that you delve into issues that are off the mainstream radar. Some of it has inspired me to look deeper into some of the world’s lesser discussed social injustices. Thank you for the inspiring and thought provoking work. I will continue to diligently follow —


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