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Secondhand Sureshots | DUBLAB

Secondhand Sureshots has been three years in the making. There’s really no other release like it. I urge all of you to visit the project page, take a minute to dig through and get an understanding of the project, because straight up the shit is dope. I was asked to contribute bonus footage of the screening party so if you managed to get a copy (word is they’re all sold out) be sure to check that out after all the other features!


Howard Zinn (1922-2010)

Howard Zinn, one of the country’s most celebrated historians and author of the seminal work A People’s History of the United States, died of a heart attack Wednesday in Santa Monica, CA. He was 87.

DemocracyNow: A Tribute to the Legendary Historian with Noam Chomsky, Alice Walker, Naomi Klein and Anthony Arnove.



HIT+RUN is printing only 25 shirts with exclusive designs from the Repeat Offender Anniversary party. I helped Mike C. print and document the special edition and will post a video soon.


MADLIB x HIT+RUN | Medicine Show

We will debut the 2/LP vinyl for Madlib Medicine Show No. 1: Before the Verdict at Los Angeles’s Good Hurt Bar on January 20th. Hit+Run will be in the house screening the album covers in person, on demand. This is the official release party for Madlib Medicine Show.

Video by ABCNT


JANUARY | Random 2010


CIRCLE A | 2010

A nice PDF compilation from Italy of Anarchist imagery featuring a lot of great stuff including an ABCNT stencil. [Page 44] Check it out.

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