MAD AS HELL | Rise of The Young Turks

The Young Turks is the largest online news show in the world, covering politics, pop culture and lifestyle.

The TYT Network is one of the Top 50 YouTube Partners, with over 40 million views a month and over 850 million total video views on The Young Turks YouTube Channel alone.

Co-host Ana Kasparian (twitter: @AnaKasaprian)

An ABCNT street walls tshirt spotted live on air on the TYT Current TV program.

Danny Trejo talking to Cenk Uygur about ‘Machete Kills‘ on TYT.

One Comment to “MAD AS HELL | Rise of The Young Turks”

  1. I really like the critical analysis of the Young Turks. I found out about them in 2007 I believe, whilst in my first year at University. I really support their work, I just hope they can start to be more critical of Obama now that he has his second term. Being from the U.K, we really prefer Obama over Romney. But sometimes we overlook some of the negatives purely because we don’t want to moron from Massachusetts to win! Hopefully now Obama can begin to rebuild a surplus. Or at least set up who ever is next in line with a better state of financial affairs than Bush left!

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