Stuart Noble | R.I.P.

Got some real shitty news today. A friend of ours was hit by a car and killed on Friday night. I dont have much to say because it fucking sucks and I wish I didnt have to make this post.. I’m real bummed, I’m angry at the situation, I’m angry at cars, the lack of public transportation in LA…his future cut short because somehow driving a metal death machine at high speeds has taken precedent over a walking fragile life.
stuartnoble-birdman2 (Birdman photo)
I first met Stuart in Downtown LA’s Arts District. He was immediately down for the cause. He would leave me voicemails every now and then, plugging me into a stream of activities he had going on trying to share my art with the community through his curation and efforts. He knew the rules, he was street smart, he was fearless, passionate, had tons of experience but was super humble. He was a major player for Obey Giant, but never acted like he was better than anyone, or privileged. He stood out because he was principled, straightforward and honest with you.
stuartnoble-birdman1(Birdman photo)

From the beginning he was supportive of my work and immediately became a friend and associate who always looked out for my best interests simply for the love of art and the things we had in common stemming from this street art world of ours.
Stuart technically gave me my first solo art show at Novel Cafe in the Arts District. We emailed and played phone tag recently but unfortunately I didnt get a chance to see him since then. I’m going to miss you Stuart. I’m thankful I got to know you during these last few years.


R.I.P. Stuart.


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